Testimonials from my sewing students

I pride myself on the great feedback I get from students who attend my sewing classes and sewing worskshops. Here’s just a few of them …

“My first time at a sewing class, learnt how to make a dress! Ellen was super patient and friendly. Booked another Weekend Sewing Workshop… highly recommended”

Mrs Howard - Bath

“I joined Ellen’s sewing classes in the hope of learning the absolute basics. All I wanted to do was be able to complete everyday sewing tasks at home, and not have to use ‘bostik badge glue’ to stick on my sons Beavers badge awards! I knew NOTHING about sewing. I have been taught how to use and understand sewing machines (they are no longer scary!), using an overlocker, different hand sewing techniques and lots of other hints and tips along the way. Ellen helps to ensure all the finished products are top notch, whilst enjoying the sewing experience along the way, and always achieving the professional finish.

The location, near Bath, is lovely, very relaxing … welcomed with a great smelling candle and the best cup of tea in the south west (not to mention the chocolate biscuits)!

I was a complete novice who was elated when I finished making a pin cushion on day one … moving onto completing tailored trousers, whilst using and understanding, a pattern for myself. Anybody who knows me knows this is nothing short of a minor miracle! Thank you so much Ellen for all your advice and patience. I look forward to many more sewing projects at The Make Room.”

Emma Swiggs

“At long last I am wearing clothes that actually fit me perfectly, made by myself thanks to Ellen. Not only that, it’s fun, friendly, in a very well equipped room and I’m learning new skills every week.”

Eileen, from Box, Wiltshire.

“I have enjoyed attending the small, friendly classes at The Make Room, where you receive almost one-to-one attention. I have learnt new sewing techniques, and made two garments with Ellen’s help.”

Rosemary, from Colerne, Wiltshire.

“Ellen is a wonderful lady with extreme patience and an encouraging attitude to all who attend her sewing classes.

I found Ellen’s help and advice, weather it be patchwork or couture, just the therapy to get me back on track with sewing. Her wealth of knowledge and experience with fabric, style, hints and tips – on all fabric crafts – together with a small group of sewing enthusiasts, in a lovely country atmosphere, gives 2 hours of complete sewing enjoyment.

A lovely lady we could aspire to.”


Thank you so much for all your help and advice to help me make my curtains.  Having never touched a sewing machine before, I could’nt have imagined making anything like this three months ago.  A new found love for life!


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September 2017 I was a complete sewing novice so decided to join one of Ellens’ classes in my village.  I was hooked immediately by her enthusiasm, knowledge and patience! I went on to have private lessons and within the first 6 months I had made a top, 2 window seats, 6 cushions, 3 pairs of curtains and a lot of bunting! Ellen  has given me a confidence to try new things and my dog loves her matching bandana and bunting set! Sewing with Ellen has brought a mindful, calming new hobby to my life as well as a sense of pride and achievement in my home soft furnishings

Penny, Colerne, Wilts.