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A little about the workshop

2nd January 2018

My sewing workshop is spacious, well-equipped and laid out for ease of use. There are 5 workstations each with its own desk, sewing machine and an overlocker..

Scissors large and small, cottons, bobbins, pins, needles, tape measure and in-pickers!

Two large cutting tables, a full-sized mirror for fitting, two large ironing boards and steam generator irons.

I also have most items of haberdashery to purchase – zips, interface, elastic, ribbon, curtain making sundries, buttons etc., plus lots of fabric scraps.  I also have hundreds of patterns including an interesting vintage selection – all of these are available to loan.

The feel of the workshop is contemporary, but homely. It is a great creative space and it is where I choose to work myself. In the summer we can open the door and enjoy the garden … watch our chickens roam the garden or gaze out over the amazing view of the Bybrook valley

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