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A sewing skill you can learn

15th February 2018

A bit of a mystery to the uninitiated, but there is a lot of fun to me had … Choosing, configuring fabric, colour and patterns, using simple or complicated shapes and then making something from the finished result.

If you are a complete sewing beginner I would start with a simple block machine patchwork, to create a piece large enough to make a simple pot holder, bag, iPad or mobile phone cover.

You will learn techniques using a self-healing cutting mat, rotary blade cutter and quilters ruler and curve. Placement of pieces, machine sewing, attaching wadding and lining layers, quilt stitching.‘In the ditch’ and then bias binding the edges.

If you have some quilting experience we can move on to different techniques e.g. The paper piecing method. Most of all it can look modern and fun, not the image quilting books often portray!


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