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happy customer

Happy Customer

20th March 2018

Eileen came to me with some basic sewing experience. Her problem was her arms! She has a fantastic figure but her upper arms are disproportionately larger and she could not buy any sleeved clothes unless they were made from stretch fabric.

First of all I showed her how to alter a commercial pattern – which worked well to a point, and she made a pretty shirt top. However, the best way was to teach her how to make a custom body ‘toile’ – a calico of her body shape which could then be used as a pattern.

We did this and then she made her first ‘little black dress’. A huge success, which drew many compliments. She then progressed to adapting the toile to make a stretch top with fluted sleeve ruffle, and now she is making a summer dress with three quarter sleeves.

There is nothing stopping her now and soon she will have a whole new wardrobe!

Eileen said:
“At long last I am wearing clothes that actually fit me perfectly, made by myself, thanks to Ellen”

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