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Young sewers

4th June 2018

I have been trying to get a group of young sewers together for a regular fortnightly or monthly class, maybe after school or Saturday morning or in the holidays.  I have had a 15 year old attend evening classes for about a year and so far she has made a skater top, leggings, jean shorts and a dress! However being in a class of slightly older students meant she didn’t have much in common and so was not as much fun as it could have been for her.  More recently I have a 10 year old who comes to regular one to one classes with me. She has made different types of cushion covers, tote and make up bags and a skirt so far and I can tell really enjoys her time with me. I also ran an Easter workshop last year with younger children but found they all wanted to use the machines!…. so really needed one to one help. The age range of 10 to 18 is probably therefore the best for a group class of a maximum of 4 students.

So if you have a budding fashion designer in your family or just want your son or daughter to try something different then get in touch and it may happen! The price would be £18 for a 2 hour class.

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