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10th May 2019

How many times have I moved?….mmm let me see….from my bedsit at 18 to this one will be the 13th!

If you include business moves it would be 3 more!  So I must be quite experienced at de-cluttering and re-adapting to new locations both personally and professionally.  It doesn’t get any less daunting though, this time it will mean more space for my teaching and more garden for the bees! – but back to DIY and renovating (how did the estate agent put it?) a tired house!

Its still exciting though – another new adventure.  Maybe I am never satisfied – always striving for things to be bigger and better!

This time though my focus is on teaching and passing on my skills and love of all things creative in the sewing world.

I am looking forward to making the studio an inspirational work place.  Somewhere where you will love to come and be sad to leave!

The dream is to have an Air B&B too in a self contained part of the house and run sewing retreats too.  I think I need a new Pinterest board!……..

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